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Power Trowel 36 inch

Power Trowel 36"

  • Manufacturer: Brave Products - Outdoor Equipment
  • SKU: BE6501
  • Model Number: BRPPT110H

Smoothing Recently Poured Concrete. Equipped with combination blades, finish blades are available for resale, clip-on knock down blades are available for rent.(USERS MANUAL)

Rental Rates
  • Day
    $90.00 minimum

    *24 hrs in your possession

  • Weekend

    *Pick Up Friday Afternoon/Return Monday Morning

  • Week
6x14 PWR Trowel Blade

6x14 PWR Trowel Blade

  • Manufacturer: Wagman Metal Products
  • SKU: 770815
  • Model Number: WX614-F

6" X 14" Finishing Power Trowel Blade, Fits The Following Manufacturers' 36" Power Trowels: Edco, Bartel, Champion, Dart, Kelley, Mbw, Marshalltown, Morrison, Muller, Allen, Stone, Best, Dixie, Stow Whiteman, Wx Series Blades. Wagman steel trowel blades use a torque flex steel. Wagman torque flex steel is specially formulated to provide the most wear-resistant high-performance power trowel blade available. Fits Sku BE6501

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    *each plus tax